Note to Corporate Bank Account Opening in Hong Kong

The following message is brought to you by Asia Business Centrea Hong Kong based corporate services provider specialized in serving worldwide entrepreneur to relocate to Hong Kong by Hong Kong incorporation, bank account opening arrangement, accounting & financing support, taxation and immigration optimization. 

Opening a Hong Kong bank account is not easy for non-residents of Hong Kong and startup company, so we want to share with you our experience and experience of our clients in that topic.

We will keep updating this page for the latest information relate to Hong Kong bank account opening.

Can I remotely open a Hong Kong bank account?

No. Due to the banks’ stringent Know-Your-Customer policy, the only way to Hong Kong bank system is the flight to this city.

Major members of a company are required to meet with the bank office in person to explain the details of its application.

If you see any offer about remote opening Hong Kong bank account it is definitely kind of scam.

For HK non-resident, you should utilize the local corporate service provider to prepare the document for your account opening application in compliance to the latest regulatory, and make appointment with bank officers, so you can schedule your Hong Kong trip accordingly.

Which bank is the best for foreigners?

It is the most frequently asked question but we cannot name a specific bank which is favorable to foreigners’ applications.

We see none of Hong Kong banks are unfriendly to foreigners. In fact, the staff of banks can speak fluent English; Hong Kong bank accounts are multi-currency account in nature; Banks offer world-class online banking infrastructure.

However, we see banks have dynamic requirement to sort out their target customers: what made a successful account opening application yesterday cannot guarantee it tomorrow.

We suggest foreigners seeking help from local corporate service providers for a bank account opening consultation. They can pre-determine your chances of success according to banks’ recent “appetite”, and maximize successful rate by centrally approaching the prestigious banks e.g. HSBCHang Seng, Standard Chartered, ICBC (HK) and Bank of China (HK).

Why you need a Hong Kong bank account?

Hong Kong banks are very reliable and safe, have high speed of money transfers, multi-currency accounts, and free from currency control.

However, you have to think about your reason for opening a bank account in Hong Kong. You are required to explain it to the bank officer and provide document proof of that during the bank account opening interview.

The local corporate service providers  meet with you before your bank meeting, they check of the information given, accompany you to the appointed banks,  debrief after the bank interview and follow up with the bank for potential documents or information.

Is my nationality a matter of opening a bank account?

We are sorry to tell that your nationality and country of residence as this is key to pre-determine your chances of success.

Citizens of certain countries can have extreme difficulties in opening account in Hong Kong (e.g. The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan). In that case successful applicant have place of residence outside their home countries, better in China or APAC region.

What are documents requested by the banks to open a corporate bank account?

Honestly, your KYC (Know Your Customer) compliance document must be prepared with a particular attention since if your Hong Kong bank account opening application is officially rejected, your name is recorded in the bank system and dramatically lowering your future application in the same bank.

These documents and information are targeting key elements:

  • Identity and address proof, supporting with copies of passport and utility bills less than 3 month old
  • Existing business in your originated country, with proof of existence and document about your customer and supplier
  • For new company, business plan with solid activities, potential suppliers and clients, expected turnover
  • Origin of funds used to run this company

Corporate service provider can elaborate your documents before you hand in your account opening application to enhance your successful rate.

If you need our help and analysis of your situation and background, prognosis of perspectives of opening an Hong Kong corporate account, just write us in below Contact form or via live chat.

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